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Off-road utility? Yes, please 😎

Whether you’re gearing up for a quick weekend getaway or planning an extended week-long expedition, having your favorite outdoor toys in tow can take your camping adventure to a new level. The Migrator Utility caravan is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a compact solution to efficiently store their tools, transport bicycles, and motorbikes, or carry fishing and hunting equipment for a memorable adventure. From bikes to paddleboards, if you’re keen on bringing your recreational gear along on your next outdoor escapade, here are some invaluable insights into how Sunnyside Off Road’s camper trailer can simplify the process.


For bike enthusiasts, carrying your two-wheelers is a breeze with the Migrator Utility off-road mini caravan trailer. The most practical approach is to utilize a rear hitch or an optional top rack, easily attachable to the trailer’s roof. While both options work well, we recommend the rear hitch for its ease of installation and removal.

It’s important to note that the hitch has a weight limit of 75 lbs due to the trailer’s low overall weight and tongue weight. Exceeding this limit or having your bikes protrude too far out can lead to rearward tipping of the camper trailer, so caution is advised, especially with E-bikes. Improper attachment of a rear hitch can also affect the overall handling of your setup.

Consider investing in a hitch tightener to keep your bicycles securely in place and minimize rattling during your journey. This simple addition ensures a smooth and worry-free road trip.


If standup paddleboarding is your jam, securing your board atop the Utility mini caravan is the way to go. Solid paddle boards can be easily mounted on a roof rack, but there are a few key considerations to ensure a safe and secure road trip:

Position your paddleboard parallel to your car, with the widest part between the crossbars. Make sure the board doesn’t extend more than 3-4 feet beyond your trailer’s length to prevent accidental displacement.

Use sturdy cam straps to provide extra security. Two straps of at least 12 feet in length are recommended. Periodically stop and check your paddleboard after about 15 minutes of driving to confirm it remains securely fastened.

Inflatable paddleboards offer a convenient alternative and can be stored inside your trailer, vehicle, tongue box, or rack basket. Remember to bring along a reliable inflation method such as a Jackery portable battery or a hand-held pump to get your board ready for action.


Skis and Snowboards

For winter enthusiasts, FIM Caravan’s teardrop camper trailer is an ideal companion. Whether you opt for a rear hitch rack or an optional trailer rack, both provide secure and hassle-free storage for your skis and snowboards, ensuring you’re ready to hit the slopes in style.

If you prioritize flexibility and convenience during your travels, you can now effortlessly arrange and move your tools, bicycles, motorbikes, or fishing and hunting gear. The Utility mini-caravan provides a generous storage area measuring 117 x 250 x 130 cm and has a capacity to transport up to 250kg.

Kayaking or Canoeing

Transporting kayaks or canoes is akin to paddleboard transport when it comes to ensuring secure attachment. Mounting them on the camper trailer’s roof rack is the preferred method for added stability.

To further guarantee their safety, employ cam straps designed for kayaks and canoes, keeping them firmly in place throughout your journey. Periodic checks during your drive are recommended to confirm the straps remain snug and the watercraft is securely fastened.

Regardless of your preferred outdoor activity, Utility trailers provide ample space and add-on accessories to accommodate them all. So, your adventure possibilities are endless, whether you’re itching for mountain biking, paddleboarding, skiing, or kayaking.

Are you ready to elevate your off-road camping experience? Contact us to explore their range of camper trailers designed, engineered, and tested to conquer the roughest terrains with style and ease!