Photo credit Gabriel Romosan

FIM Caravans is a Romanian-Bucharest based company, established in 2014, specialised in designing and manufacturing of mini caravans. It is a project  dedicated to bring innovation in the production and design of off-road mini caravans.

migrator is the first model launched by Fim Caravans, after two years of design, prototyping and testing. In 2018 the final version of FIM mini caravan was launched. 

migrator – to shelter and give you comfort even off the beaten paths!

Made in Romania

FIM Caravans is developed and build in Romania, and it started from our aspiration to make the perfect product for your perfect moments.

Precision at Superlative

All materials are finished with maximum care and precision. We looked after all the details, to create a perfect space for your holiday comfort.

Elegance Touch

For all the technical specifications, we chose to use only high quality components to create the exact space you need from a mini caravan.

FIM Caravans have a futuristic appearance and cutting-edge exterior design features like a full monobloc fiberglass body structure, under step LED lights, adaptable axles, and a sleek matte paint job.

However, when used for off-road excursions, the caravan’s carefully selected color schemes and distinctive structural elements blend in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape!