FIM Migrator, Utility

The Romanian mini-caravan brand, FIM Caravans, launches a new model – Utility workshop


FIM Caravans is proud to announce that our Migrator, the ultimate off-road mini caravan, is launching a new product: Migrator Utility. In 2023, the Migrator mini-caravan continues its innovative, functional, and sleek design, enhanced with brand-new features: a mobile mechanical workshop. 

The Utility model is specially designed to facilitate the transportation of various equipment. Whether it is your motorcycle, tools, fishing gear, or hunting gear, the latest FIM Caravans’ model is here to help you move around smoothly, as small caravans are typically lighter than larger ones. The management of a mini-caravan is less demanding and safer for drivers because it is lighter and easier to tow with less drag

”We are incredibly honored to expand our stock of mini-caravans with a new concept that responds to a real need: transporting heavy gear easily and efficiently. This launch is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team, who have worked tirelessly to design and produce FIM Utility that truly stands out in the market. We appreciate the aid from our clients and colleagues in the business who made this accomplishment possible. In the coming years, we’ll work even harder to produce even more avant-garde and fascinating items by continuing to push the limits of what is conceivable in the mini-caravan sector.”

The FIM Migrator Utility workshop has off-road capabilities, making it ideal for individuals who travel in off-the-beaten-path areas and wish to carry their equipment along. It can tackle tough terrain because of its solid structure, which also makes the ride comfortable and convenient. 

“A simplified version of the Basic and Ultimate migrator, which are for sleeping. A utilitarian version, in which you can transport your bicycle, or motorcycle/s or which you can transform into your own mobile workshop. Dedicated to people who like to take things into their own hands and who like to visit DIY stores for their next DIY project, Utility comes to their aid with economical, efficient storage space that is always ready to go. The same monobloc body, TEGO plywood, the exterior respects the lines of the Migrator, and inside we let people customize it as they wish.”

FIM Caravans is a Romanian-based company established in 2014 that manufactures mini-caravans. Felix Istrate and Stefan Secuiu are the two cousins behind the FIM Caravans brand. They have created a meaningful product connecting to consumers worldwide by first solving a problem they had in their own lives. The Migrator Utility off-road mini-caravan is the first model launched by the brand following two years of design, prototyping, and testing. In 2023, FIM Caravans are known among travelers, nature lovers, and caravanning enthusiasts as a trustworthy companion for quick and comfortable off-road holidays.