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All about the new FIM Caravans new model – Utility mobile workshop


This spring, FIM Caravans launches a new caravan model, specially designed to facilitate the transportation of various equipment. Whether it is your motorcycle, tools, fishing gear, or hunting gear, the latest mobile workshop model is here to help you move around smoothly, as small caravans are typically lighter than larger ones. Managing a smaller caravan is less demanding and safer for drivers because it is lighter and easier to tow with less drag. 

Let’s take a closer look at Utility, discover what it brings from Migrator Basic & Ultimate, and what to look forward to. 

Exterior and design

Like all Migrator models, Utility follows the same traditional features of the classic FIM Caravans mini-caravan design, such as its compact size and practical features while traveling comfortably with all your gear. The body structure is crafted in a fiberglass monobloc, with a back entrance door and it can carry up to 250kg. Since you’ll be using your mobile workshop for outdoor activities, it’s important to choose materials that can withstand the elements. Of course, you won’t have to worry too much about damaging the exterior as the Upol Raptor matte textured body paint is the best choice to prevent scratches. 

Moreover, you can choose a loading ramp, luggage top bars for a maximum of 200 kg static weight, and a bicycle rack to support the front shield.


The Interior of a Mobile Workshop

Are you looking for an efficient way to travel with your outstanding, or motorcycle? Migrator Utility is your answer! You may now simply organize and transport your tools, bicycles or motorbikes, or even fishing or hunting equipment if you value flexibility and ease when traveling. The Utility mini-caravan has storage dimensions of 117 x 250 x 130 cm, the interior wall panels are TEGO plywood, and the interior floor is anti-slip TEGO plywood and has a carrying capacity of 250 kg.

As optional, you can opt for a mobile workshop shelf-rack, bicycle, or motorcycle fixing system, and, if you are a fan of compartmentation, we offer an extra central TEGO plywood compartment.

Finally, the FIM Caravans Utility is a compact lightweight workshop that will be easy to transport and set up. This will make it easy to pack up your gear and move from one location to another.  Utility caravan is perfect for anyone who likes a compact unit for organizing their tools, transporting bicycles or motorbikes, or even fishing or hunting gear for an unforgettable trip!